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E-Management Solutions

E-Management Solutions is committed to ensuring its website and all of the content therein is as accessible as possible for all visitors. We have made extensive efforts to comply with best practices and standards as defined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) of the World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C WAI). 

In addition, E-Management Solutions continually seeks out third-party expertise in the fields of usability and accessibility to further enhance site accessibility by adapting to new advancements in assistive technology. Current accessibility features include the following:

  • For example, in the Job Opening section, direct links provide information about job postings and access to application emails . Similarly, in the Contact Us section, visitors have the ability to call or email E-Management Group for specific information about Services or Job Openings.
  • Alternate text on images and non-text elements is provided where applicable.
  • Wherever Adobe Flash-based content is used, directions are provided to obtain technology necessary to render the multimedia experience.
  • All data cells in a data table are associated with their headers, as allowed by the content management system templates that use non-data tables for layout purposes.
  • JavaScript and style sheets are used to enhance the appearance and functionality of the site, but if these technologies are unavailable, alternate content is provided where applicable.

Accessibility to some features may be limited by the website's content management system. If you cannot access the information, please email [email protected].

Last update: 4 April 2017