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E-Management Solutions

Our Story

We're sticking to it

E-Management Solutions is a entrepreneurial success story. E-Management dates back to 2010, when Ms. Ramona Rodriguez, founded and registered the company under the name Executive Management Solutions as the go-to professional resource for HR insights and blogger on the day in a life of an HR professional.

In 2015, while working overseas for several years, like many oilfield professionals, Ms. Rodriguez experienced lay-off from the oil and gas industry after 10 years in the field. This experience led to entrepreneurial efforts of expansion of Executive Management Solutions and footprint, not only across the U.S. but globally.

In 2016, Ms. Rodriguez identified the company no longer reflected the message wanted and recognized target audience changed. Her determination to save the company, she re-branded and changed the name to E-Management Solutions. In August 2016, the re-branded company went live as a sole proprietor.

E-Management Solutions is a business consultancy service. We provide subcontracting support to government/state/local space while recruiting top-level professionals committed to supporting our customers by providing innovative solutions and methodologies to globally related issues.

Community Partners

E-Management Solutions prides itself in affiliating with local non-profit organizations that empower displaced women to get back into the workforce, as well as organizations that mentor students by providing a road map for both college and their future careers.

Our Goal

Support our customers in optimizing growth opportunities while also managing risk by using a value-adding approach